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Mesa garage Door Experts is the leading installer of Craftsman Garage Door Openers in Mesa, Arizona.

Serving the community of Mesa and its surrounding areas, we offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week garage door opener repairs and installation services. Most households use their garage doors as a point of entrance to their homes, often more than their front doors. We know that you depend on your garage door opener to work every time you leave your home.

We are experts in diagnosing and repairing all major garage door opener brands including Craftsman, LiftMaster, Genie and others. Because we specialize in quality overhead door opener repair and installation, you can rely on our services. We employ technicians who have years of experience and all our work comes with our guarantee.

Your door opener has one job, to raise and lower your garage door safely, protecting you and your home. When your current garage door opener needs repair or replacement, we are able to help you sort through all considerations and options. It is important to take the weight of your current garage door into consideration when choosing horsepower. Overworking your new opener will cause early motor burnout, and require replacement.

The amount of existing headroom clearance in your garage is also important to consider. While most Mesa homes have ample garage door clearance, older homes sometimes require specific models. All of the garage door openers that we install meet national, state and local standards for safety. We never take shortcuts and commit to the highest quality products and repairs.


Door openers manufactured today generally have less moving parts than their predecessors. Most modern systems operate from a single motherboard, just like a computer does. While this makes them less mechanically challenging to repair, the technology component can be more complex to work around. We always recommend that clients contact us to help with repairs, limiting the possibility of further issues or incompatible repairs. Most technical issues can be easily addressed and remedied by garage door opener professionals.

Because all we do is garage door repairs and installations, we are well versed in all installation and operation requirements. Have questions about the quality of your current system or issues with door bouncing? We can help you get all your problems resolved, usually the same day as your call.

There are two types of door opener systems that we repair and install.

There are several basic differences between the two that are good to note:

Chain Drive Openers. Chain drive systems are the most popular and affordable type of door opener available on the market today. These openers operate by a basic push and pull system, with a trolley, or carriage, that is affixed to a metal brace which is firmly connected to the garage. This basic system is very economical and long lasting, offering reliable service for many years. If operation noise is an issue, it would be good to note that this system is considerably louder than our belt drive openers.

Belt Drive Openers. This system has become more common over the years as they boast quiet operation, making them less of a noise nuisance. Belt drive openers are very popular in homes where attached garages are directly under sleeping spaces. Their basic operating system is similar to chain drive openers, except that a reinforced belt replaces the metal chain. These heavy duty belts are made from several different materials depending on the grade of the opener. Fiberglass, Steel-Reinforced rubber and Polyurethane are the most common types of belts for this overhead opener.

Have questions about our openers and installation services? We would be happy to answer them over the phone, or you can schedule an onsite appointment for specific issues. We are the leading authorized Sears Garage Door Repair service in Mesa, Arizona!