Wood Garage Doors

Many Mesa homeowners choose to install wood garage doors to add value and curb appeal to their homes.  Wood is one of nature’s most versatile resources, and when used for doors, provides added beauty. There are several grades of wood overhead doors, in all types of styles and price points.

When choosing wood for your garage door, there are a few important things to take into consideration. There are many types of wood that are appropriate for use, but some are higher quality than others. Cedar is often used along with Redwood, Mahogany, and reclaimed wood. Each wood has the added benefit of being a superior insulator, providing your home with added protection from Arizona’s wide temperature swings. While Cedar has a lower price point that the other woods, it is considerably more expensive than other materials such as steel.

Wood overhead doors can be solid panel or have windows. In fact, the style options are almost endless depending on your pocketbook. Natural wood doors add inherent warmth and interest, as the different graining and color variations are pleasing to the eye. Originally, all garage doors were made of wood and the value added has long been property owner’s motivation for keeping wood garage doors as part of their home’s façade.

Maintenance of your wooden doors is important and should be figured into your yearly property upkeep costs. Wood will require sanding and staining, followed by correct sealing if it is to stand the test of time while remaining beautiful. Keeping your wooden panel garage doors protected from moisture and termite damage should be a priority.

Because of their density, wooden garage doors might require specialized garage door openers to help bear the additional weight when opened and closed.  The insulating qualities of natural wood mean that they weigh more than their wood composite counterparts. Extra care should be taken to prevent uneven wear and tear to garage door springs and door tracks.

Families often turn to wood overhead garage doors for the dent resistant qualities. Nothing is more frustrating than bent, dented door panels when newly installed. Let’s face it, accidents happen, especially with active families. Wood has the added advantage of being more forgiving than other materials, meaning that basketball tap will leave no lasting damage.

Consider choosing wood for your new garage doors. Mesa Garage Door Experts has all the latest stock and custom garage door options available, and the style choices are endless. Contact us today to find out more and schedule your no-obligation door estimate.

If you are considering a steel garage door we have these as an option too.

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